The flow numbers for these heads are amazing for a production cylinder head, but the aftermarket is famous for always wanting more. We stopped by West Coast Racing Cylinder Heads (WCRCH) in Van Nuys, California recently and owner Richard Reyman showed us his approach to CNC porting these heads.
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Fox Lake’s new CNC program for Trick Flow big block heads is the leader in big, fast airflow for 500+ cubic inches. How about enough for 1000 horsepower, without power adders? Works well with turbo, blower, or nitrous for 2000+ horsepower.
BES / TFS A460 Heads - Flow Numbers Intake: Exhaust.200 164 123.300 268 172.400 344 218.500 403 267.600 450 311.700 475 338.800 485 354.900 491 367: 1.000 501 375: Intake Valve Dia. Exhaust Valve Dia. Intake Port Volume Combustion Chamber CC 84cc
The A460 heads are a rectangular port race head. Good on strokers at high RPM. Max ported flow seems to be in the 440-450CFM intake range, as cast TFS claims 400 cfm intake. Funny thing is the A-heads actually have a very pump gas friendly 91cc chamber (the new style TFS anyways). Have BBC pattern exhaust ports.

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We offer a variety of Trick Flow Heads Ford for your automotive needs. No matter what you're driving, we have the right Trick Flow Heads Ford for your vehicle ... New and Used Automotive Parts and Accessories On Sale. Car and Truck Repair Parts Menu. Trick Flow Heads Ford. ... Trick Flow Powerport A460 360 Cylinder Head For Ford 429460 5451b001 ...
Dart 215 Pro1 Platinum SBC 23deg. Aluminum Heads Dart Pro 1 Platinum 215 port Heads,72cc chambers.2.05In.1.60Ex. valve size.1.890"Valve Guide spacing,moved .030" from stock.Intake side 400 Steam Holes added.Dart claims 276cfm @ .600" lift,Im not sure what bore fixture size was used for the test,my 406 is 4.155" bore,Dart recommends 4.125" or larger bore for the 215 port so I would guess that ...
RFD SB2.2. One of the most powerful heads for single carb applications, we've been building SB2.2's for many years. A great head for many forms of racing, including: Comp Elim, Fast Bracket, Boat, Truck Pull, Road Race, GT1 and of course, Circle Track.

A460 heads flow numbers

A minimum river Strahler stream order of 7 is selected because the river has a considerable number of tributary rivers connected to it, which results in a relatively large and constant river flow. Lindsey Racing heads are professionally machined and ported to perfection and then flow tested to prove it, each and every head, guaranteed! If you want the best, you found it. One of the last items that most people address in an engine upgrade is the cylinder head. ThiTek Late Model HEMI Cylinder Heads. The new "BEAR" Hemi heads are the only true aftermarket late model HEMI cylinder heads available today. Designed from a blank sheet of paper with every conceivable improvement over the OEM casting possible. Power Port® A460 Aluminum Cylinder Heads Thank you for purchasing Trick Flow Power Port A460 aluminum cylinder heads designed for the Ford 429/460. ... Verify the part numbers and quantities of each product received (see Parts Checklist below) Mail the warranty card to Trick Flow

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