Apr 25, 2018 · Linux – Ext4 or F2FS Systems like Redis are designed for performance over security, so the question of the performance impact of encrypted file systems may arise. Patrick Perrone, a Sitecore MVP and Sitecore Practice Director at Arke, said, “On Redis, encrypted file system tax will be on the order of a few milliseconds …
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I'm attempting to mount an ext4 partition image in userspace. (no sudo, no special config/permissions modification to /dev/loop0 or /etc/fstab etc). So I'm hoping FUSE will come to the rescue. How...
三星官方表示f2fs技术已然成熟,但三星并没有应用f2fs,其间原因不详。 值得一提的是,目前闪存主控系统对ext4的支持性往往强于f2fs,需要稳定安全的体验ext4无疑是首选,而需要极致流畅体验的用户不妨选择f2fs,两者各有利弊,还要看大家自己作出选择。
ext4 (fourth extended file system) is an open source disk filesystem and most recent version of the extended series of filesystems. It is the primary file system in use by many Linux systems rendering it to be arguably the most stable and well tested file system supported in Linux.

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May 16, 2016 · Menu Should I switch to BTRFS or ZFS on Linux Desktop? 16 May 2016 on backup, zfs, openzfs, btrfs. This is a recap of weird things that could happen with the newer Linux Filesystems.
Nov 15, 2017 · In my own unscientific experience, F2FS is a colossal improvement over ext4 even on UHS-1 media on an i5, comparable to exFAT performance but with nice things like Unix permissions and journaling. For more explanations on why F2FS beats ext4 on SD cards see this neat video from linux.conf.au in 2015.
Jul 13, 2016 · Now that we have a partition available, we can format it as an Ext4 filesystem. To do this, pass the partition to the mkfs.ext4 utility. We can add a partition label by passing the -L flag. Select a name that will help you identify this particular drive:

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年年都有锂电池爆炸的案例,但因为三星Note7,大家补充了很多电池相关的知识。而最近某国内厂商的“闪存门”,也带动了一大波关于“闪存类型和文件系统”的科普,但看到UFS 2.0/2.1和eMMC,F2FS和EXT4等名词时,估计很多读者都会懵逼。

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