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Stylish on the outside Savage on the inside. Elegant, slim designs that pack a punch. Legion laptops & desktops boast true gaming power and deliver best in class graphics & components. An affordable choice for any gamer, customize your laptop or go with one of our best-selling pre-configs & stay ...
Don't carry protect around as a role skill, take this macro instead. Will turn off surecast, turn on protect, cast protect and turn surecast back on and protect back off. Great for Shinryu EX and o4s so you can block the knockback instead of keeping protect on your hot bar.
Nov 14, 2017 · In many ways, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is an oddity for the broader Final Fantasy franchise, but it’s one that made the Guinness Book of World Records thanks almost entirely to one man ...

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Jun 12, 2018 · FFXIV Bard Macro Player. Contribute to parulina/bardmacroplayer development by creating an account on GitHub. ... bardmacroplayer / songs / Latest commit. parulina ...
Dec 02, 2017 · On YouTube, a search for “ FFXIV bard performance ” turns up mostly songs found within FFXIV, some original songs, and still a copyrighted third-party song here and there. For the moment it seems Square Enix isn’t issuing DMCA takedowns on these videos, but rather has people on their end manually searching and issuing Content ID claims to ...
I’m amazed I’ve been able to keep up this sketch a day thing. At least it’s a sketch a day so I don’t feel burnt out. Loving FFXIV as always . Been getting a lot of more followers since I’ve returned. If I hit a specific number by end of January I’ll actually invest in freebies and such.

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And to top it off, Final Fantasy XIV formerly held the Guinness World Record for most original pieces of music in a video game. And a good majority of them can fit under this trope. Special mentions go to the Primals music, with each one having its own fantastic theme, and the Ultima Arma battle theme, both part 1 and 2.

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