Go into Graphics settings and in "Other" there should be a option called "Hide Mouse Cursor" My computer is a alienware alpha i3 can't be stuffed to make a dang custom build (Ishiiruka 1440p Full Speed FTW)
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It is entirely possible to implement a custom cursor instead of the system one. To do this you would hide the system one, track mouse position or movement and display your own image in the needed place.
This problem has come up this past week and it has begun to bug me A LOT. I play a ton of FPS games and overtime, in a little under a minute, a mouse cursor would appear in the middle of my screen right on top of my crosshair in-game. When I move my mouse around, I see the mouse cursor...
Try 'unclutter' the purpose of this program is to hide the pointer after the mouse has not moved for a while. Using it, you can make the pointer appear only when the user touches the screen, and disappear right after it.

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When uTorrent is minimized to the system tray (not just to the taskbar), the mouse cursor as always disappears from VLC. If Winamp is playing, you may have also to stop Winamp (no need to minimize or hide it to the system tray). Experiment with other open programs that may interfere and cause this cursor problem to VLC.
First time using a controller on my PC and I'm wondering how I hide the mouse cursor? Playing Stick of Truth using a 360 controller and the official MS wireless reciever. The game doesn't seen to have any controller options. It recognizes the controller automatically but the mouse cursor is still visible. Is this software dependent?
Changing the Windows Mouse Cursor in XNA. Background. For anyone who is looking to develop a mouse-based game for Windows using the XNA framework, it's pretty critical to be able to change your mouse cursor in game. The first method is to hide the mouse cursor and draw a custom texture in place of it - but anyone who is developing a game ...

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Requirement 1: But my requirement is that to hide the mouse cursor (from on to off) my hot key should be Win+C and to show the mouse cursor (from off to on) hot key should be Win+B. Requirement 2:One more condition is that when the mouse cursor is in off state after pressing Win+C, the cursor should appear back when i make any movements in my ... How to change the mouse cursor in Windows 10. 1. Click on the Start Menu and open the Settings app. ... Game cursors, etc. Tip: To install a cursor pack, unzip the archive to a folder, and right-click on the .INF file, and select install. Then follow the above steps to set it as your default pack. What are your favorite mouse cursors? Share ...

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