The natal sign is to be read in columns and natal degrees are to be read in rows. The corresponding number reckoned with the help of the column position and row position represents the sign number in the concerned divisional chart. IMPORTANT DIVISIONAL CHARTS. For detailed analysis of the horoscope, we have to study the divisional charts.
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The above mentioned introduction was absolute necessary to make a dive into D-81 chart treasures. Now coming back to point of our focus. D-81 just acts like a navamsa of the navamsa chart (that’s why it is called Nav-Navamsa chart) or D-9 of D-9. 9*9=81. Hence in brief, D-81 is the Hidden FORTNE WINDOW present in the 9th house of navamsa chart.
Divisional charts are charts that are created by dividing each sign into a number of sections, and then assigning a sign to each slice, and then placing planets into a new chart based upon which sign they occupy in the section. For example, the most important and most widely used divisional chart is called the Navamsha.
Dec 14, 2018 · Debilitated Planets In NAVAMSA-Effect. December 14, 2018 | 4:29 pm. The plan of creation is exceedingly simple. It can be easily understood and correctly verified from the placement of planets in a horoscope, their locations and boundaries.

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If Sun or Moon is in Saturn- navamsa or Venus aspeccted by Saturn in Navamsa Chart delay is to be there. 8. Moon placed in 6th or 8th house in a chart, aspected by Saturn& Rahu, delays marriage. 9. Venus, the Karka for marriage if placed with lord of 3rd or 6th or 8th or 12 th.
In essence, the Navamsa chart is essential to accurately study and make predictions. And yet, the navamsa chart alone is not sufficient if one needs still more accurate predictions. We need the bhava chart, the drekkana chart, hora chart , trisamsa chart, the saptamsa chart and the sashtiamsa chart if we want the most accurate predictions.
Non-fiction: astrology books KALA SARPA (audience: jyotishi, or Vedic astrologers) Kala Sarpa, “the serpent of time,” is an astrological pattern wherein all of the planets occupy half of the chart as defined by the axis of the moon’s nodes, Rahu and Ketu.

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May 11, 2009 · Rasi Chart – Rahu is in Sagittarius – 8th from Sagi is Cancer. Navamsa Chart – Rahu is in Leo, 4th house from Taurus is Scorpio Apply Rule – 64th Navamsa position of Rahu will be in Cancer and in Scorpio Navamsa – fair enough?? The relevant degrees will be 96.6666 to 99.9999 Decimals!!! How do we use this data in predictions? Dec 19, 2017 · Step 9: Knowledge . Friends and Lessons. ... How to; Navamsa Chart Done by dividing each sign of 30 degrees into 3-1/3rd degrees. Then you place the planets. Read more. See where Saturn is placed in Navamsa or D9 chart, if it is placed in 6 th house or 8 th house then you will be facing a lot of disturbances in your job field and you may need to change your job over and over throughout your career, this matter will be more intensified when Rahu joins the yoga or 10 th house in Rashi chart.

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