Nov 05, 2015 · State Law Makes it a Felony to Touch a Police Officer Even Off-Duty and Out of Uniform Extends the cloak of “qualified immunity” to cover every aspect of a law enforcement officer’s life
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Thank you for the A2A. Yes, it is illegal under German law to display or wear Nazi symbols in public. What is prohibited is the “Display of symbols of unconstitutional organizations” in general under § 86a of the German Criminal code.
A 'real' movie, with a normal crew is a large enterprise -- hard to miss. Thus, actors in police uniform in front of a lens, with make up and hair all over them, 50 crew guys & women, equipment everywhere, trucks and picture vehicles, cable, lights and barricades, it's hard to argue the public could be reasonably deceived by an actor in uniform.

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Military Uniforms cannot to be worn without Authority. It is illegal for any person not serving in Her Majesty’s Military Forces to wear without Her Majesty’s permission the uniform of any of those forces, or any dress having the appearance or bearing any of the regimental or other distinctive marks of any such uniform Exceptions
To help prevent impersonation, we don't allow certain police or emergency service-related items to be listed for sale. What is the policy? The following items can't be listed for sale on eBay: Law enforcement and other government-issued uniforms, badges, or accessories, such as hats, jackets, and shirts, or replicas of these items
Feb 04, 2020 · When not in uniform, a police officer has the same limited rights as any other citizen when it comes to personal responsibility and behavior. For example, an off-duty police officer attending a private party cannot pull a gun on a fellow guest or force an intoxicated party-goer to stop drinking.

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Mar 18, 2016 · Police officers 'selling uniforms and HANDCUFFS on eBay' POLICE chiefs are launching an investigation into their own staff after uniforms and even HANDCUFFS appeared for sale on eBay.

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