Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with our tactical shooting courses outside Houston at Cleveland, Texas, Advanced Weapons and Training Tactics (AWATT) certified firearms instructors provide weapons training, firearms training, marksmanship courses and license to carry (concealed handgun) certification for first-time firearms owners or ...
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The Refuse To Be A Victim® Online Instructor Development Workshop will provide you with the training and credentials required to teach NRA’s award-winning personal safety and crime prevention program, Refuse To Be A Victim® seminars, in your community.
Welcome to NRA’s Online Training Classroom. Our web-based courses are the best and most convenient way for you to learn basic firearms safety, shooting techniques, personal defense strategies, or fulfill the requirements for obtaining a concealed carry permit in your state. Get started today!
A new License to Carry a Handgun (LTC) A new Instructor Certification (for those who want to teach LTC training courses) Note: After you have submitted your application, carefully review the checklist for any additional documentation which may be required to complete your application.

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Organizations Specified by Penal Code section 31635, subdivision (b) as providing Acceptable Firearms Safety Training. Penal Code section 31635, subdivision (b), authorizes Department of Justice to certify individuals possessing a training certificate from an organization enumerated under this subdivision to be a DOJ Certified Instructor.
Oct 01, 2013 · The Firearms Safety Training Course is a course of instruction which includes classroom instruction on state firearm law, home firearm safety, handgun mechanisms and operation, and a component that requires the applicant demonstrate the ability to safely fire a handgun.
The NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course is the best way for you to learn the basics of pistol shooting from the top firearms training organization in the world! The course is the first steps for you to obtain the proper certification for your concealed carry permit in some states.

Online handgun classes

Take our concealed carry class today. Online Texas License To Carry Class. We have made it easy for everyone in Texas to get their Texas license to carry a handgun. Our online CHL class is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety handgun license division. This is the official online Texas license to carry class. HQL Classes. Course Name: MD Handgun Qualification License Course. Cost: $160.00 per person . Course Overview: Required 4 hour course for new purchasers of handguns in Maryland. Certain exceptions apply. Includes required digital LiveScan fingerprinting onsite. Course Length: 4 hours. Course Topics: Classroom Instruction. Pistol knowledge and operation 10-8 Firearms Instruction was created by Nick Nolting to provide a high-quality Iowa Permit to Carry class and firearms training to the responsible citizens of Iowa. Nick, being an Iowa Police Officer offers one of the best and most in-depth Iowa Permit to Carry classes in the state. Welcome. Welcome to the online Firearms Safety Training Course, presented by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). Completion of this Firearms Safety Training course will satisfy one of the requirements for firearms ownership under District of Columbia law.

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