The MLA-30 loop antenna is easy to install and can be easily installed on balconies, rooftops, and other small, compact, low-profile installations without worrying about neighbors and property opposition. Another advantage of the MLA-30 loop antenna is that it is directional.
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SDRuno supports RSP1, RSP1A, RSP2, RSP2pro, RSPdx and the RSPduo. Click HERE to browse our apps and support catalogue. Click HERE to see our YouTube Channel. SDRplay recommends Bonito antennas (click HERE)
The two metre magnetic loop is a compact antenna which can easily be hung up under the eaves, the carport, or any other place where space is limited including indoors. It is probably best suited to a situation where a dedicated transceiver operates on a fixed frequency such as a single packet channel.
Apr 24, 2011 · If you want to learn more about small loop antennas I recommend Joe Carr’s Loop Antenna Handbook, published by Universal Radio. That book describes many loops, both large and small and is well worth the read if you enjoy antenna design. This loop design is not from the book, but I used concepts and theory from it.

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Great starter antenna for rtl-sdr reception. I tied a loop in the unexposed end of the wire, tied one of the supplied strings to that loop and to a tree branch. I made a loop a few inches away from the exposed end of the wire and tied the other string to that loop. I tied the string to a hook on the side of my house.
Active Antennas - Added MLA-30 Loop Sept 2019. 50MHz Mixed Mode Omni Antenna. Mixed Mode Helical Antennas. Broadband Vertical antennas Comet CHA-250B & Diamond BB6W & BB7V. G8JNJ Broadband HF Vertical Antenna - Requires no tuner. HF loop antennas. 1m HF loop antenna - Uses a novel tuning capacitor - RADCOM antennas column Sept / Oct 2010
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All antennas are Broadband, Wideband Active Loop Antennas; the result of continual research and ongoing improvement over several decades. Wellbrook is the only company that uses the revolutionary Impedance tracking amplifier to ensure optimum loop/amplifier matching. The last two pictures shows LC meter in action. In the first of them, there is 1nF/1% capacitor and in the second - 22uH/10% inductor. The device is very sensitive - when I put the test leads there is 3-5 Xiegu G90 HF Amateur Radio Transceiver 20W SSB/CW/AM/FM 0.5-30MHz SDR Structure with Built-in Auto Antenna Tuner ... Amplifier Homebrew DIY kit qrp Loop Antenna Tuner ... This is not a cheap USB dongle found on Ebay, this high performance SDR receiver is developed by Expert Electronics and features a sturdy aluminium chassis, ESD protection, USB 2.0 interface and a quality SMA antenna connector. Best of all, the ColibriNANO travels in your pocket and only needs your computer and an antenna! Those of us using an amplified loop receive antenna struggle with monitoring a second panadapter while transmitting (the loop amplifier is turned off to avoid overloading the preamp). This may be annoying but necessary. Running Multiflex means that the second user will neither be able to receive nor transmit while a first user is transmitting.I am not suggesting that Flex has done anything ...

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