TELUS Internet customers adding Pik TV will receive a $10 discount with the set up of new Pik TV Subscription. Regular monthly price of $10 per month applies thereafter. New Pik TV and TELUS Internet customers who sign up on a TELUS Internet 2 year service agreement will receive a 24 month promotional pricing of Pik TV for $5 per month.
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We recently cut our optik tv package, bit are getting a roommate soon and decided to get it back. Telus has been pushing this new Pik TV, basically an Android TV box. It's a bit cheaper and has no frills (which we do t want anyway). Has anyone signed up for this? Thoughts/reviews? The big difference I see is no PVR, but I can live without that...
Code for pik tv to download in roku? 11% - I have comcast and a roku, my cable is connected through hmdi #2 and roku on #1 but can not get roku to work. showing no signal. is it possible to..? 13% - How do i get a roku pin code.
I recently subscribed to the Stack TV add on for Prime TV so I could watch the newest seasons of Mr. Robot and Rick and Morty, I’ve been cable free since I moved out on my own about 5 years ago and definitely prefer subscription services for my entertainment needs.

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With the Pik TV app, watch live and On Demand programs on your smartphone, tablet or TELUS Pik TV media box. •Watch major sports events and season finales LIVE • Watch TV LIVE while on the go. • Access a huge On Demand library of TV shows, movies and documentaries. • Start a movie on your TV and pick up where you left off on your tablet.
"No Signal" message; Try the options below: ... Pik TV Android Media Box Remote. Program your Classic remote for Optik TV. ... Enable TELUS Internet and Optik TV with Easy connect . Purchase an additional or replacement remote. Optik TV App on iOS. Learning. Check available PVR space.
I can't access some of the channels that I've subscribed to. ... receiver for 5 to 8 seconds and then allow it to reset the satellite signal. ... TV and Mobility ...

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Oct 26, 2013 · It worked really well for us so we could use our Smart TV again!! It got to the point where it wouldn't even load even 10% of the time, even when it did it was very hit or miss.. Now it works ... Telus optik tv turn off descriptive audio. I have a problem on my televistion the audio came but the sound should not be view that is black screen appear but still the audio came? Comcast cable - tv screen says no signal, i hear audio. at other times i see tv but no audio. i`m house sitting - all was working fine when owners s

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