There is no solution for starting with an empty hole in the centre and finishing with the last peg being in the center hole. - There is a solution starting with a hole above on the left and ending with one peg below on the right.
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Peg solitaire describes a general class of peg-jumping games in which a player is initially presented with a board containing holes and wooden pegs filling a subset of these holes. For any given move, a player must select one of the pegs on the board which has an adjacent peg and an empty hole following that adjacent peg.
15 peg Triangle board. For solutions to this version, see the Triangular Solitaire page. The triangular grid has only one way to 3-colour it. There are 5 holes of each colour. Therefore the final peg must end in a hole of the same colour as the starting hole.
Find the first possible peg that can move in 1 or more directions; call solve() for that peg and it's direction. (if we get here step 4 produced a undesired board state) undo the move made in step 4 and recall step 4 with the next possible move that peg could make, if any.

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Apr 30, 2014 · Peg Solitaire works as follows: A peg (or ball) can be removed by orthogonally jumping over it with a second ball. This is only possible if the cell behind the first ball is empty. The goal is to finish the game with one remaining ball in the center. A found solution can be seen in the following animation.
Peg Board . The simplest peg solitaire design is the triangular peg board, often referred to as the “Cracker Barrel” design. This design is similar to an equilateral triangle where each edge has the same number of pegs, and each row has one more peg than the row above it.
Jun 01, 2017 · Trying to find a solution to a puzzle using C#. This article uses a lot of LINQ. It embeds FlowSharp so you can watch the algorithm go through the process of finding a solution, implements three different algorithms so you can peruse the pros and cons of each: Iterative, Recursive using yield, and Recursive with callback.

Triangle peg solitaire solution algorithm

Starting from a board with one peg missing, the goal is to jump pegs (removing the jumped peg) and finish with only one peg. There are two ways to use this web site. You can read over the tips below, and go back and try to solve the puzzle yourself, or you can memorize a solution and amaze your friends (solutions are given on the next page). We consider the one-person game of peg solitaire on a triangular board of arbitrary size. The basic game begins from a full board with one peg missing and finishes with one peg at a specified board location. We develop necessary and sufficient conditions for this game to be solvable. For all solvable problems, we give an explicit solution algorithm. On the 15-hole board, we compare three ...

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